Minutes of Tower Gardens Residents Group meeting: 5th March 2019


Present: Friedrich, Matthew, Thea, Stuart, Colette, Karen, Claudia, Ruth, Grace, Jo, Cllr Stennett and Cllr Adje

Apologies: Mary, Fiona, Cllr Bull, Zoe, Cllr Say.

Venue: Larkspur Close 7 pm

The meeting wished Mary, Fiona and Cllr Bull a full and swift recovery from recent accidents and ills.

  • Crime Update (provided by Met Police)

Signage in the park regarding CCTV – a meeting happened with Ian Kershaw on 2nd March about this.

Car break ins – a number of these were discussed. Someone also observed a person stashing a plasma screen TV in TG park.

Residents are encouraged to report all suspected crime.

  • Litter and Fly Tipping

This continues to be bad, though positive impact made thanks to Tidy Up Tottenham initiative on social media. If you see this happening try to remember number plates though do not confront people due to risk of personal injury.

  • Park Tidy Up 30th March – Friends of TG Park

£500 ward funding has been applied for the park. A new FB group for the Friends has been set up. Zoe also plans to leaflet around the park for those not on email groups.

  • Trees

We are paying the Council tree dept the £1500 we owe them for six trees planted on the Roundway, which are doing well. Council tree officer Alex Fraser has also said that Council will plant a tree on Waltheof Green in memory of Dick Tomlinson. Matthew also brought forward idea to plant some small trees in public green spaces without council funding.

  • Gates, Potholes, Skips

Reports have been made about these, please keep reporting problems via the Haringey App.

  • CPZs

Data is still being collated for the TG CPZ proposal, to replace the event day CPZ. We discussed the problem of vans and light trucks being parked on the estate – CPZ may reduce this.

Major concerns were voiced about the new Event Days starting at THFC as they are not all on the football club website – i.e. they are not all football league games. Residents demand that there be proper signage on all roads to stop people being caught out. The first event is on 24 March.

  • Low Flying Aircraft

There are concerns that they are polluting our air space. There are more aircraft flying over our area than previously. Especially the mournful sound of jumbo jets coming in to land first thing in the morning.

  • Crossing on Lordship Lane/Roundway jct

Despite years of negotiation, TFL have said that this crossing is not a priority. Residents are very disappointed that they have to run the gauntlet on a regular basis to get to the church, shops, park or tube station. The Council have been supportive but at the moment people are at risk and accidents are happening. What can be done? The impression is that TFL do not care about people living in low income areas. Perhaps this can be raised as part of the Council’s equality/fairness work.

Date of Next Meeting


Minutes of Tower Gardens Residents Group meeting: 16 October 2018

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8 hours ago

Tower Gardens N17

Thanks to generous funding from Haringey Council and the support of the Mayor of London and part of the 'Mayor of London’s National Park City Festival' we have organised something special for this summer. *We are delighted to invite you to an open air theatre performance of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' on Sunday, the 21st of July, 4:30pm.*

Shakespeare’s most enduringly popular comedy of love and intrigue, magic and mayhem, is brought to life by family favourites Quantum Theatre in their wonderfully funny and exuberant production of the Shakespeare classic. Set on that most dangerous of nights when fairies are abroad and nothing is as it seems four young, unsuspecting, lovers become entangled in their magical affray and soon no mortals are safe in those bewitched and bewitching woods outside Athens…. Come and be enchanted too by this exciting, funny and intriguing new production designed to appeal to the whole family.

Admission is free and the play is suitable for all age groups. Children under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.. All we ask is to bring along a blanket or pillow to sit on. Feel free to bring your own picnic. Please take care in the sun.
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From Nextdoor:

There are reports of a number of serious dog attacks. On Lordship Rec, Downhills Park, Tower Gardens and Westbury Avenue.

A brindle coat bull terrier has been witnessed attacking other dogs and owners. The dog has been off the lead, and with its owner.

I understand that the police have been notified, but that the advice at this stage is to avoid walking dogs in these areas AFTER midday.

Please be very alert and careful.

Please also consider attending your local ward meeting, to ensure that this is being actively pursued by the police.
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