Tower Gardens Conservation Area

Tower Gardens is a Conservation Area, and many streets are also covered by an Article 4 direction. This is to preserve the character and quality of the built fabric and means that some changes to property that are controlled by Haringey Planning Department and may require planning approval.


What works are affected by the Conservation Area and Article 4 Direction?

Removal of original fabric such as doors, windows, ironwork, porches or other features without planning permission is a criminal offence and there is no time limit for prosecution.

External painting is subject to control. This does not prevent redecoration of windows and joinery in the same colour. Painting brickwork damages the bricks and is not permitted. Changing paint colours of one house can upset the uniform character of a row or terrace of similar properties. The render colours are as originally specified by the LCC architects over ninety years ago.

Satellite dishes are not permitted on the front walls of houses. If you want to install a dish you must consult the Planning Service first.

• Hedges in front gardens, where they exist, were part of the original design of the estate. Hedges must not be removed.

• The removal of front garden walls and the introduction of hard car parking surfaces is subject to planning control on the estate and will not be permitted.

Exterior cladding in any form is not permitted.


How are the controls enforced?

If you breach any of the controls, you or your builder may face criminal prosecution and be ordered to replace what was removed or rebuild what was demolished. There are also substantial fines associated with breaches, and these are implemented so don’t let this happen to you!

There is more freedom to make changes at the rear of properties. It may, for example, be possible to introduce patio doors to rear gardens or to construct small kitchen extensions. In any case, it will always be necessary to consult the Council’s Planning Service. For more information on the history, architecture and conservation of the estate, contact the Conservation Officer, Planning and Environmental Control Service, Haringey Council, 639 High Road, London N17 8BD or telephone 020 8489 5274.


Tower Gardens Conservation Area Appraisal and Conservation Area Management Plan Consultation Draft

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