Minutes of the Tower Gardens Residents Group – 10 June


Cllr Ahmed Mahbub from Haringey attended the meeting.

100 Tower Gardens Road
As you may be aware we have recently been told that this building can potentially be used as a community centre.
Cllr Mahbub explained that he has recently learned the building is in a bad state of disrepair, so it will be a long time before it’s in a condition appropriate for use by the community.
It may therefore be sensible in parallel to look for other buildings that could potentially be used for the centre.
Next steps: Cllr Mahbub will provide a timeline for Haringay’s mapping exercise which will consider all the council’s buildings and whether they can be better utilised. Cllr Mahbub will also arrange a time for people to visit 100 Tower Gardens Road.

Estate maintenance
The issue of people ignoring conservation area requirements when renovating was discussed. It was noted that Haringey does not take enforcement action against those who breach requirements, and that ultimately if those rules continue to be breached the estate will lose its unique character (and possibly its status as a conservation area).
Cllr Mahmud said that he could arrange for Haringey’s estate manager for Tower Gardens to attend a future TGRG meeting.
Hedge maintenance was discussed. Attendees thought it would be a good idea for the council to provide free green waste collections twice a year so that people can trim their hedges and dispose of the waste without having to pay for a green bin.
It was noted that there should be more notice boards around the estate so that local events and groups could be advertised and communicated to residents quickly. There should also be a digital noticeboard, which could serve as a source of information for new residents keen to learn about local networks, events and history.
Next steps: Cllr Mahbub to arrange meeting with TG estate manager, and TGRG to let councillors know where noticeboards should be erected.
Antisocial behaviour
Attendees observed that lime bikes are often left in the middle of pavements which can cause particular issues for people with disabilities, or people on mobility scooters or pushing prams.
It was noted that a resident had their tires slashed. Cllr Mahbub mentioned that there will be a meeting between the Met Police and White Hart Lane residents shortly at which these issues can be raised.
Next steps: Cllr Mahbub to provide details of meeting between WHL and Met Police.

Minutes of the TGRG meeting on 13 November 2023
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