Litter Heroes

Litters Heroes are anyone who helps keep litter off our streets and open spaces, either by not dropping it in the first place or by litter picking a small or large patch independantly or as a grassroots coordinated action.

Promoted and supported by Keep Britain Tidy and Tower Gardens Residents Group, Litters Heroes help to keep the area clean, with reduced council services unable to keep on top of it.

By helping keeping litter off our streets you prevent more from being droped in the first place, as most people DO respect a clean area, but will equally drop litter if they see it. Helping the odd bit of clean litter i.e. can, bottel, crisp or sweet packet find a bin, really does make a diffrence.
Thank You!

If you want to do something active for yorself and your community, regular litter picking is strongly encouraged. The better we keep it the better it stays. The Tower Gardens Litter Heros group can give advise on equipment and personal protection, which we can often provide free or at low-cost with donations from the community.

Donating to the Tower Gardens Litter Heros is a way to support the effort even if you don’t have the time or energy to contribute directly. Your donation will pay for equipment and personal protection such as: litter pickers, gloves, bags, bag holders, waterproof overtrowsers, hi-viz vests.

If you are lucky enouigh to have space in either of your bins when emptied, letting Litter Heros use an agreed amount is another way you can contribute. We try to recycle as much as possible so space in either bin is useful.

Keep Earth Tidy 😉

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